Greenwich Legal handles complex antitrust class actions and other cases that target some of the most powerful and well-funded corporate interests in the world. Greenwich Legal’s clients include businesses, traders, investors and consumers who have endured harm at the hands of illegal monopolies and corporate alliances.


Greenwich Legal represents investors in market manipulation matters involving commodities, interest rates, currencies, derivatives, futures and options.


Greenwich Legal’s  securities matters fall under both federal and state securities laws.  These laws allow investors to bring suit when, for instance, material false statements appear in a prospectus issued in connection with a securities offering.

Greenwich Legal also represents investors who have been negatively affected by fraud or corporate transactions.  We have a firm understanding of the laws that regulate the securities markets and in the disclosure requirements of the corporations that issue publicly-traded securities.  We also pursue shareholder derivative actions to remedy injuries to a corporation to the benefit of its shareholders, including injunctions to prevent threatened harmful action before it occurs, monetary damages to compensate the corporation for injury and corporate governance measures.

We offer our clients free, proactive monitoring  of their investment portfolios to determine whether a loss in value is due to fraud or malfeasance.  Our portfolio monitoring team carefully researches and analyzes all market data to advise our clients on whether a viable claim exists.


Greenwich Legal represents consumers in class action lawsuits against some of the country’s largest corporations. Consumers wronged by fraudulent conduct, unfair business practices or faulty products often have recourse against the responsible companies. The consumer protection practice at Greenwich Legal focuses on a variety of consumer-related litigation encompassing a diverse range of substantive and legal areas.

Business Transactions

Greenwich Legal provides services throughout the business life cycle, from formation to mergers and acquisitions, contracts (drafting, review and negotiating), daily operations to protecting intellectual property, raising capital to securities law compliance, and corporate governance to international ventures and tax management.

Real Estate

Greenwich Legal attorneys and staff have many years of experience in advising clients on real estate matters. Whether it is the purchase, sale, exchange or development of improved or unimproved real property, commercial leasing, real estate finance or real estate litigation, our professionals are prepared to help you accomplish your goals.

Estates and Trusts

Greenwich Legal can also assist in estate planning.  Through the use of revocable and irrevocable trusts, life insurance, charitable planning and other techniques, our professionals can tailor your documents to maximize benefits and minimize taxes, staying fully compliant with the law while taking advantage of the planning opportunities allowed by it.  The firm helps families create streamlined plans which facilitate the efficient management and eventual distribution of your assets and the dignified, personal care of family members. We can draft last wills & testaments, trusts, durable powers of attorneys and living wills.  We assist in forming family foundations, special needs trusts and charitable trusts.