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Foreign Exchange Rate Antitrust Litigation

We represent funds and investors in a lawsuit alleging that foreign exchange traders at the world’s largest banks colluded with one another, in violation of the federal antitrust laws, to set the WM/Reuters rates at artificial levels to the detriment of other market participants.

Silver Antitrust/Commodities Litigation

We represent silver traders alleging that the world’s largest silver bullion banks – Deutsche Bank, HSBC, and The Bank of Nova Scotia – artificially suppressed the price of silver causing traders of silver futures contracts and options to pay artificial prices.

Propane Antitrust Litigation

We represent direct purchasers of filled propane exchange tanks from Blue Rhino and AmeriGas who paid inflated per-pound prices due to unlawful conspiracy by the companies.

Gold Antitrust/Commodities Litigation

We represent gold traders alleging that Bank of Nova Scotia, Barclays Bank PLC, Deutsche Bank AG, HSBC Holdings PLC, Societe Generale, the five banks responsible for setting the price for gold bullion, conspired to manipulate the London gold benchmark.

Keurig/ K-Cup Antitrust Litigation

We represent direct purchasers of K-Cups alleging a scheme to monopolize the market for the sale of single-serve disposable coffee cartridges for use in Keurig coffee brewers in the United States.

Aluminum Warehousing Antitrust/Commodities Litigation

We represent direct purchasers of primary aluminum including extrusion companies alleging violations of the federal antitrust laws by Goldman Sachs, Metro International Trade Services, the London Metal Exchange, and others for allegedly inflating aluminum prices, including the Midwest Transaction Price (also known as Midwest Premium or Platts MW Midwest Premium or the Platts Metals Weekly Premium).

WTI Futures Antitrust/Commodities Litigation

We represent WTI crude oil traders alleging the manipulation of West Texas Intermediate crude oil futures and options contracts during the period of January 1 through May 15, 2008 by Defendants Parnon Energy Inc. and Arcadia Petroleum Ltd.

Brent Crude Oil Antitrust/Commodities Litigation

We represent Brent crude oil traders against some of the world’s largest oil companies alleging the manipulation of spot prices for more than a decade.

Cotton Futures Antitrust/Commodities Litigation

We represent cotton traders alleging that the largest cotton merchant operation in the United States intended to manipulate the prices of cotton futures contracts and cotton on-call contracts between March 30 and July 7, 2011.

Lithium Ion Batteries Antitrust Litigation

We represent direct purchasers alleging that several of the largest lithium-Ion Battery producers, including LG Chem, Ltd., Panasonic Corporation, Sanyo Corporation, Sony Corp., Samsung SDI, Hitachi, Ltd. and Maxell Corporation of America conspired to fix and artificially increase the price of the batteries.

Google Class-C Shareholder Litigation

We represent Google Class A shareholders who sought to enjoin Google, Inc. (“Google”) from proceeding with a two-for-one stock split that would result in the creation and issuance of a new class of non-voting stock, referred to as Class C stock, which would have a negative impact on Class A shareholders. Google announced on April 23, 2015 that it will pay Class C stockholders a combination of Class C stock and cash worth $522 million on or about May 4, 2015.